$6 ,$8 Clearance headwrap scarf fabric Sale

£4 £20

 These are in the process of being cleared out and will not be restocked, resulting in limited availability.

Our handmade headwrap scarfs are an incredible bargain: beautiful, unique, and perfect for the season! With slight imperfections from their exhibition display, you can enjoy these scarfs at a fraction of the usual price! Enjoy the natural beauty and comfort of our l unique headwrap scarfs today

I have tried my best to capture the true colour of each scarf but please understand all monitors/devices have different settings so the colours may be slightly different. 

these wraps are 100% hand embroided cut and sewn so will have some loose thread or sequins etc here and there dont pull  just snip. 

Sizes are all different approx 180cm*85cm some bigger some little smaller

If you would like a video/photo video shopping call to see colours and styles  please do get in touch.

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