Blue and green Tye dye Headwrap Veil Shawl Bride Bridal

£18 £40

One of a kind these pictures dont justice.  Visit my Facebook for videos @v_luxe_beauty 

Item Details

Width : 42 Inches/106.68 Cms/3.50 Feet/1.17 Yards/1.07 Meters

Embroidery : Sequins Work

Transparency : Sheer

Weight : 0.358

Color : Green & Blue

Fabric : Pure Georgette Silk

Length : 90 Inches/228.60 Cms/7.50 Feet/2.50 Yards/2.29 Meters

Texture : Soft

Burn Test :

    • Keeps Burning : No

    • Melts : No

    • Smells Like Hair : Yes

    • Ash Black : Yes

    • Drip: No

  • Result =Pure Slik Fabric

Care Instructions 

If you want to wash it properly :-

I Would recommend hand wash only. 

For Beaded / Embroidered Items :-

1. Wash gently with a mild detergent.
2. Do not squeeze or tumble dry as beads will fall out.
3. Leave it to dry naturally.


If you would like a video online shopping call to see colours and styles  please do get in touch.

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