Luxury Precision Liquid Eyeliner Adhesive

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If you have struggled with applying your  lashes in the past, Magic Eyeliner lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly. This product could be your solution to wearing false lashes without the pain of traditional glueing. Simply apply the  eyeliner along your eye line, then set your lash in place and watch the lashes grip to the eyeliner in less than a minute - See below for full detail




Shake very well before use for best application.


Put a layer of eyeliner on and wait for it to dry completely( this is a very important step to wait a few secs).

Apply the lashes by gently pressing it onto the eyeliner, but do not keep fiddling with them once they are in place, the lashes will then stick. 

This eyeliner will stick any lash from singles, bands and magnetic. One product does it all

Capacity: 5 ml 100% Cruelty / harm free

Our eyeliner is completely safe to use and is manufactured in a cruelty-free environment. If you do get the eyeliner in your eyes, please rinse with warm water. Always conduct a skin patch test before use.

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